Health issues with which you can visit me

Musculoskeletal system diseases and complaints,
Joint diseases and complaints,
Neurological problems,
Internal Medicine Disorders,
Gastrointestinal Disorders,
Particular gynaecological diseases,
Circulatory disorders,
Sleep disorder, exhaustion,
Disease prevention,
Pain syndrome,

About me

Anita Vasi, B.Sc. Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncturist, Manual therapist, Reflexologist

I obtained my Bachelor of Science diploma in the year 2013 in China at the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine with the specialization in acupuncture and manual therapy. I also did my clinical practice on several hospital wards at the university’s hospital, alongside famous professors.

I got my degree in reflexology in 2006 in London. After that I worked as a reflexologist on the famous English ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 until I started my university studies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine comes from the same principle as taoism and buddhism.
It reflects the classical oriental worldview according to which the life and the actions of individuals are in close connection with the environment at all levels.
It keeps in view the preservation of the health of the mind and the body.
It considers health as a sort of balanced condition and approaches it from physical, psychological and spiritual point.
This balance can be corrupted by various environmental factors such as food, lifestyle, seasons and spiritual relationships.
Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the prevention of deseases and the preservation of health.


Chinese medicine is a more than 3000 years old medical system based on rich experiential tradition.


Cupping is an ancient therapy.
It has an effect on the circulation of blood and lymph, it is successfully apllied for treating pain, muscle stiffness and for alleviating respiratory problems.

Treatment Methods


Tuina is a traditional Chinese massage.
Applies the theory of meridians and acupuncture points.
The main goal is to improve the ability of self-preservation and the treatment of diseases.


It activates the cells, relieves muscle fatigue, has an analgesic effect, improves blood circulation.


There are micro areas on several spots of the body where the whole body in miniature can be found.
Reflexology tries to treat the organism through these micro areas.